Water Update #5 2/23/2021 0933

Posted on February 23, 2021

Water System Update


At this time we have restored water service to all locations with the exception of connections south of Jennings Avenue. Crews are working this morning to repair a secondary line break which will allow for service restoration to those customers. If you still need assistance reactivating your meter or notice a leak at your residence or business please contact us at (940) 433-8400.


As of February 22, 2021 our connection was reestablished with Walnut Creek, However they are currently only able to provide us with 100 gallons per minute. While this helps us maintain a usable amount of water it does not meet our normal system demand. Conservation will remain the key for us to maintain service to all customers. The efforts each of you have made since Saturday have helped us keep the water running. Hopefully Walnut Creek will continue to increase the amount of water they are able to provide and we can return the system to full capacity soon. 


A system wide boil notice will continue over the next several days. Once Walnut Creek is able to lift their boil notice, We will work to remove the restrictions on our system.

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