Water Meter Upgrade Program

Posted on November 30, 2020

Beginning in the month of December 2020, The City of Boyd will begin replacing all current water meters with new Diehl digital metering systems. This upgrade will replace all of our aging reading systems to insure the customers are receiving an accurate monthly reading. 

During this upgrade both employees from the City of Boyd as well as Forbes Construction will be working to install the new system as quickly as possible. Service interruptions at each site should last no longer than ten minutes for residential customers, while commercial interruptions will be on a case by case basis depending on the size of the service meter. Any customer who will experience a service interruption longer than ten minutes will be notified prior to the installation. City staff members have placed blue flags marking each service meter to be replaced. During installation each customer will receive an new meter, meter box, new lid, and a digital communication antenna. 

Additionally upon completion of the upgrade each customer will have the capability to view their water consumption through the customer service portal. From this program customers will be able to receive notices about their service, set up alarms for unexpected consumption, request work orders, and many other features. 

The City is excited to be able to move forward with this project. As with all technology upgrades we may experience some issues along the way, but will work diligently to insure that each customer receives the best service possible.  Additional information and educational documents for the new system will be released once the new infrastructure is in place. 

For any questions about this project please contact William Taylor at (940)433-8400 or [email protected]