Citizen Alerts

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The City of Boyd tests their outdoor warning siren system the first Wednesday of every month at 1 p.m. These tests will be conducted only if no emergency or threatening weather exists at the time. There are three sirens located throughout the city; Boyd Community Center, Knox Street Water Tower, and Highland Oaks Water Tower.

The Outdoor Warning System are used as a SUPPLEMENTAL warning and should not be used as your primary source of information. There are multiple resources available to you to use to serve as your primary alert notification system. Weather Alert radios, National Weather Service Apps, Local News Outlet Apps, the above Wise County CivicReady app, and the list goes on.   You should prepare your personal indoor warning system and familiarize yourself with its capabilities.

An Outdoor Warning System consists of multiple sirens designed to alert and notify citizens of emergencies in “OUTDOOR AREAS”. In Boyd, residents can be exposed to a variety of emergencies, including weather related events such as tornadoes or flooding, hazardous materials accidents and other catastrophic events. The Outdoor Warning Sirens will be used in the event the public needs to be notified of these situations. This is why we don’t simply call them “tornado sirens”.

Citizens that are indoors should not mistakenly wait to hear a siren as their only source of warning information; turn on a television, radio or NOAA Weather radio for more specific community-related information.

Any of the following are factors to consider as minimum activation guidelines for the City of Boyd:

1. The National Weather Service issues a Tornado Warning or Severe Thunderstorm Warning with the phrase “Destructive winds in excess of 73 mph (or higher) are likely with this storm” in your immediate area.

2. Reported hail of 1” in diameter or greater.

3. Any other emergency as directed by the community’s elected officials.

4. As requested by the Wise County Emergency Management Team.

Remember! Just because the sirens are no longer sounding, does NOT mean the danger has passed! Sirens are activated to alert people outside to seek shelter, once an individual seeks shelter, they need to listen carefully to the instructions from the media and/or from your personal indoor warning system for the “all clear”.

What do I do when I hear the Outdoor Warning System?

Should an actual emergency occur, all sirens will sound at a steady wail. Remain calm, go inside and seek shelter immediately; turn to a local television or radio station for further news and instructions, or listen to your Personal Indoor Notification System.

Note: In the Boyd area WBAP Radio, 820 AM, is the designated Emergency Alert System (EAS) station. Most other radio and television stations will also broadcast information regarding emergencies.

Listen carefully to the instructions from the media and from your personal indoor warning system. Take whatever action is necessary to protect yourself and your family. Unless told otherwise, stay indoors until the emergency has ended.

And most importantly, only call 9-1-1 if you are reporting a life-threatening situation or hazardous condition. Please do not call the Boyd Police or Fire Department, or 911 to inquire if there is an emergency. Phone lines need to be free to handle calls regarding the dangerous situations and life-threatening conditions unfolding should an emergency be in progress.