Future Road Closures Expected

Posted on June 06, 2019

From the office of the Wise County Fire Marshal’s Office/ Office of Emergency Management



We are anticipating road closures along the Trinity River in the next 12 hours.

Trinity River Water District is currently releasing 2700 CFS from Lake Bridgeport. Historical data tells us that downstream flooding occurs at 1900 CFS under dry conditions. We are anticipating roads along the Trinity being closed within the next 12 hours. This includes FM 730, Van Meter, Bobos Crossing as well as several County Roads.

Please have an alternate route prepared before you leave for work tomorrow morning. We think the commute home from work will be clear but cannot guarantee this will be the case.

DO NOT DRIVE AROUND WATER BARRICADES. This is an arrest-able offense as well as unsafe.

You can follow the Wise County Fire Marshal’s Office/ Office of Emergency Management by clicking this LINK




The City of Boyd will post information concerning FM 730 closure on the City of Boyd’s Website and will share that information on both the City of Boyd and Boyd Police Department’s Facebook pages. As Van Meter and Bobo are not within the city limits of the City of Boyd, please contact Wise County concerning those specific roadway conditions.

Wise County Precinct #3 940-433-5365 (complaints and information concerning Van Meter / Bobo)

Texas Department of Transportation 940-627-3304 (complaints and information concerning FM 730)